Politics is “the master science”

  1. Laswell’s question, “Who gets what?” applies best to the social science of __________.


  1. economics
  2. human geography
  3. psychology
  4. anthropology


Answer: A

Learning Objective: 1.2

Page Ref: 6

Topic/A-head: The Master Science

Skill Level: Apply What You Know


  1. When we study France to compare it to other nations, we may draw from what field of social science?


  1. A) History
  2. B) Human Geography
  3. C) Economics
  4. D) Sociology


Answer: D

Learning Objective: 1.2

Page Ref: 5

Topic/A-head: The Master Science

Skill Level: Apply What You Know


  1. Anthropology applies most to political science based on which example?


  1. A) People are born with predispositions towards conservative or liberal views.
  2. B) People join groups because they have innate desires to be with others.
  3. C) Many ruling families maintained power by passing down their authority from one generation to the next.
  4. D) Power typically ends up with those with the most resources.


Answer: C

Learning Objective: 1.2

Page Ref: 6

Topic/A-head: The Master Science

Skill Level: Analyze It


  1. The fact that the United States has different tax rates for different levels of income relates to which phrase from the chapter?


  1. A) Politics is “the master science”
  2. B) The Constitution is the crown jewel of the Enlightenment
  3. C) “Man is by nature a political animal”
  4. D) Politics is the study of “who gets what”


Answer: D

Learning Objective: 1.2

Page Ref: 5-6

Topic/A-head: The Master Science

Skill Level: Analyze It


  1. Which of the following did Machiavelli contribute to the study of politics?


  1. Social contract theory
  2. The role of power in politics
  3. The role of wealth in society
  4. The connection between race and politics


Answer: B

Learning Objective: 1.3

Page Ref: 7

Topic/A-head: Political Power

Skill Level: Remember the Facts

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