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Below are the specific requirements for the assignment:

Critical Analysis Essay
Critical analysis essays require students to argue their interpretation of literary works.
The purpose is to lure people to their way of thinking or, at the very least, to make them
aware of their views. When writing a critical analysis essay, students must narrow down
their topics by theme, characters, motifs, symbols, etc. Then they must make a solid
argument with several main ideas that support their purpose. In addition, such essays
require students to use specific textual evidence–to quote and/ or paraphrase–to support
their main argument. Such citations should be cited according to MLA format, outlined in
Hacker’s book. Students should refrain from summarizing the plot, unless it adds to the
specific point they are making. These essays should show students own critical
understanding of the novel Push. Students must choose their best readers response
journal ideas and develop it into longer essay. Students must fully demonstrate their
critical analysis of a theme (i.e., friendship, violence, discrimination, family, etc.) or do a
character analysis (i.e., responsibility, strength, intensity, shyness, etc.), discussing these
areas. Students should think hard, think deep, and write an essay of approximately five to
six pages that shows their interpretation of the novel. Students may select any topic they
wish so long as they write an analysis as opposed to a summary of the text. Helpful Tips:
•Students should peruse their reader responses journals for insights into the texts. They
should refer to specific incidents or realizations they have come across while reading.
They also should check the passages they highlighted or underlined while reading.
Students should try to develop themes they addressed in their reader response journals
All of the above suggestions should make it easier for students to generate and support
their ideas.

Other Reminders:

  1. Intro should have central argument/ should be topoic. Tell opinion of topic include responses of examples of book.

  2. In all paragraphs should have a topic sentence then give overview or opinion. Then give overview or opinion.

  3. Give example from book

  4. Quote passage then analyze.

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