Power point 2

To: New Consulting Team Member

From: CEO
Re: Presentation #2

Since you did such a great job on the last presentation you will get to try again – hope you are ready. This client is the same medium sized manufacturer and sells products worldwide. The client so liked your last presentation that they specifically asked that you do another one for them. In reality, you were chosen because everyone else is out on vacation so don’t let us down.

The company’s management team is having difficulty with the concept of Strategy. You will need to explain to them what it is, why strategy is important, and what types would be better for this organization (don’t forget why).

The client wants you to create a short presentation on this topic and don’t forget to add why they should adopt it your recommendation.

Create a PowerPoint of 5-7 slides not including title slide and reference slide. Include a visual presentation of your PowerPoint (please include 2 to 5 related photo or graphical images in your presentation). Speaker Notes: 80-200 words for each slide need to be in the Speaker Notes section of the PowerPoint slides. These speaker notes should thoroughly describe the details of the slide.

See powerpoints attached for course material from this week.

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