Procurement Contracting Process Analysis Paper

Will Fence owns a 70-acre large timber and Christmas tree farm. The Christmas farm gets busy in August and September when Will identifies and flags the trees suitable for Christmas season. Starting in October, the flagged trees will be cut, baled, and trucked to the storage yard where they will stay until shipped. The storage yard is situated in an area that offers shade and protection from the wind to maintain the freshness of the tree. The trees are stacked with the tops locked together to keep the sun and wind away from them.

Will has just purchased an additional 40 acres and will need to expand his storage yard by 40,000 square feet. The budget for this expansion is $55,000. Will has hired your team to design a process to contract resources to expand the storage yard.

Cover the following as requested by Will:

  • Description of the contract resource procurement process (from start to closure).
  • Explanation of how the contract resources procurement process that was described will assist Will in negotiating the best purchase.
  • Explanation to Will why the team believes the process is efficient and achieves the results desired.
  • Identification of any risks associated with procuring these resources and explanation of the role of risk management in this process.
  • Explanation of how the process may be improved upon.
  • Other recommendations the team may have for Will to consider.

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