Professional Oral Presentation

this assignment will assess the following competency: 11. Create a professional oral presentation.

Directions: To capitalize on your final project, you need to prepare an oral presentation using PowerPoint or Prezi to develop your presentation slides, guiding the viewer through your proposal project. In addition to submitting your proposal presentation using the dropbox, you will post your proposal presentation on the discussion board so your peers can view it.

Review the Microsoft Office support page for information on how to add narration to your presentation.

The presentation should include the following:
1. Narration (oral component of the presentation)
2. 8-10 slides (not including a Title page slide and Reference page slide)
3. Discussion of the purpose of your proposal
4. Discussion of the intended audience of your proposal
5. Discussion of your primary research methods
6. Discussion of your primary and secondary research findings
7. Logical organization
8. Effective use of visual components
9. Slides that are clear and easy to read
10. No grammar or spelling errors

The proposal project is on Police Brutality

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