Project 3 – GROUP WORK – Case Study Project – Real client of your choosing

Project 3 – GROUP WORK – Case Study Project – Real client of your choosing (25%)

In your teams you will find a real client to work with for this project.

  1.  Speak to the client and gain permission to work with them for the semester to do a Business Analysis on their business.  Find a procedural process problem they would like you to examine (ie  purchasing process or shipping problems etc.) It can be on as aspect that they would like to review, or an overall review to give them ideas about what might be done to improve business processes (note they would need to narrow down a specific area of the business to review due to time constraints).   Have a letter of authorization prepared for the client to sign before your leave.

Note; Get a clear picture of what their expectations are and make no specific promises, as this is a learning exercise for your team

Complete the business case approval form (under template) with the information you get from your client and together with your team members following the meeting with your client.  Attached the authorization letter you completed with the client.  Let your client know you will need to meet with them or other staff within the organization at least 3 times within the semester to gather information, and or review findings with them.   Work to get and gain as much material for review and examination as possible from each meeting with your client.

  1.  Complete the business case approval form as the submission from your team along with the client approval letter attached – due Oct 6 to me.

General Notes:

This project has 3 main parts as indicated below.     Several examples have been provided by your instructor during the lectures on what and who to go looking for.  It doesn’t have to be a super complex problem, but it does have to have enough significance to make the process worth while.

Within this folder you will find some tool to use for your case study process.

This project will be submitted as a binder, laid out as a formal submission.

REAL Client Group Project 3

  • Group Projecthas 3 parts (25%)

(NOTEJ  Looking for tools used from your 2 assignments above used in the development of your client study.

    • Part 1- 10% instructor and client approval based on Framing the problem template and identification of client needs.   Components include:  Client approval letter, Instructor Sign off template, Business Needs Analysis Report
    • Part 2- 5% (midway check-in) opportunity to ask questions and clarify understanding.  Completed components: Part 1 components, plus Root Cause, Modelled future state, and Translation to system implementation requirements.
    • Part 3- 10% Full business case submission- (completed bound submission of Parts 1,2 and 3 plus PPT presentation.)  Includes the completion and finalization of 2 deliverables (finalized report and PPT).  Completed components are now Part’s 1 & 2 as part of the final finalized business/feasibility case & PPT for presentation.  2 copies Bound and professional stated (1 for client and 1 for instructor.)

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