Project : Industry Analysis of one of the Financial sectors in Canada

Finance Basics

Project : Industry Analysis of one of the Financial sectors in Canada

Description: An industry analysis of one of the financial sectors in Canada such as: Banking, or Trust Companies, or Investment industry, or Life Insurance, or Property and Casualty Insurance.

Industry Analysis: Identification of Opportunities and Threats & Integrated SWOT

1. Title page: Report name, course name, # & section, Professor’s name, All student names & Student identification numbers, Date submitted

2. Executive Summary: one-two pages summarizing highlights/main findings of report

3. Table of contents: headings and subheadings for each part of report, with typed page numbers

4. Introduction: Briefly introduce your industry, its NAICS code and the companies you’ve analyzed within it, comment on the size of the industry (global or North America or Canada) in dollars and any other indicators that you may consider. Identify whether it has been growing or declining over the past few years. Insert a pie chart (in units or $) showing market share of main competitors (use “other” if required to ensure the chart reflects 100% of the market).

5. STEEP/PEST analysis – identification of major trends in each category, discussion of findings and conclusions regarding opportunities and threats posed by these trends. Append a table showing each section of STEEP and list the opportunities and threats you’ve identified. The key to this analysis is the identification and assessment of factors relevant to the industry.

6. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis -apply this model to the industry you have chosen and assess each of the components.

7. Integrated SWOT Analysis – For each major company in the industry outline the strengths and weaknesses of the company, and the opportunities and threats.

8. Other Analytical Frameworks – If there is another analytical tool or model that you are familiar with, please consider its use in this analysis.

9. Overall Conclusion: What is your overall assessment of this industry and the individual companies operating within this industry? If a new entrant was to come into this industry, what entry strategy (product type & target market) would you recommend it employ and why?

Appendix 1: Comprehensive integrated bibliography in APA format.

Note: at least between 18-20 content pages, excluding title, references, and appendix pages with at least 10 peer reviewed research articles are to be cited in your report.

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