Project Management

Presently have two papers needing to be completed by 11:00 p.m Eastern time 05/11/2013.

Would like to know if you can complete by deadline as I have many sources that say they can complete the assignment. Will need assistance in the future to pull all relevant information into a project at the end of 8 weeks, however need a reliable source as I am pulling more than 70 hours on current job at a Nuclear power plant. Can you meet the expectation?

Below are the two paper requirements:

Assignment 4.1: Create a Briefing on Lessons Learned About Project Processes

Write a 3 to 5 page briefing about a project you are familiar with, describing—from a process perspective—lessons that can be learned from the project.

Estimated Time: You will need about 16 hours to collect your data and about three hours to develop your findings.

Briefing Topics: In the briefing, cover the following topics.

Topic   Description

Background   Write an overview of the project situation. Include items such as the sponsors, customer(s), bidders, the winner(s), the objectives of the project and other information necessary to portray the project’s background.

Factors   Identify project management factors affecting the effort. Discuss items such as political, environmental, organizational, and internal/external players.

Goals   State the goals of the project. In addition to any objective goals, state any subjective/intangible goals (e.g., stepping stone in business plan, penetrate a new market, penetrate a new customer).

Results   Use a cost effectiveness perspective to describe the project results. Did the project meet its goals? If not, did the project meet other goals. Were any secondary goals accomplished? Were there any unexpected benefits?

Done Right   What do you believe was done correctly? Relate this to specific project processes.

Do Differently   What would you have done differently? Relate this to specific project processes.

Lessons Learned   What project management lessons can be learned from this project?

Assignment 5.2: Build or Recapture a Project Plan


  1. Carefully review all project requirements on the Project page before you begin any work. (Note: You can access the Project page at any time by clicking on the Project tab in the top navigation bar.)
  2. Choose a project to work with for the remainder of the course. It can be:
    • your own project (work or non-work related)
    • a project from government or private sectors
    • a new project, one that is in progress, one that was completed (successfully or not), or one that was cancelled after development work began

Important: Choose a narrow rather than a broad topic. For example, do not choose an enterprise-wide project. Instead, focus on a certain aspect or product of a larger program.

Write a brief description of the project that will be the focus of your project plan.Develop an outline for your project based on the guidelines provided on the Project page. During modules 6 and 7 you will work to complete your project plan using your outline as a guide.

Project Plan

Important: Choose a narrow rather than a broad topic. For example, do not choose an enterprise-wide project. Instead, focus on a certain aspect or product of a larger program.

During modules 6 and 7 you will write the bulk of your project plan based on the outline you developed in Assignment 5.2. Your project plan will be a 12-15 page report that will cover the key points in this course. To determine your information sources and what the report should contain, use this table as your guide:



Project Summary

An overview of the situation, to include items such as the sponsors, customer(s), bidders, winner(s), project objectives/goals, constraints, and any other information necessary to establish the situation.


A description of the end product or service in terms of characteristics, requirements, and performance goals.

Statement of Work (SOW)

A SOW can be used but it must be abridged to adhere to the page count.

Master Schedule

A time scale showing the interrelationships of project tasks. Sub-schedules need not be discussed if it would make you exceed your page count.

Procedures Guide

The rules and practices that govern the project. Elaborate on whether procedures comply with or violate company/government policy.

Cost Controls

A work breakdown structure that shows activities, components, and committed resources. If the observed company refuses to release their controls, develop one on your own.

Materials and Equipment Forecast

A depiction of how materials will be managed. Applicable only to projects where procurement and movement of materials was required.

Cross-Impact Matrix

A Functional Cross Impact Matrix showing which organizational units/key personnel are involved in the process of completing each task of the project.

Project Organization Plan

A simple break down of the major project responsibilities.

Management Plan

A description of how management was/will be conducted and how the project will be monitored.

Project Personnel Plan

A description of the labor resource requirements that establishes key responsibilities, numbers and qualifications.

Reporting and Review Procedure

A list of documents and communications materials essential to the project. Describe the purpose of each document.

Supplements: You may use lists, tables, figures, graphs, and/or charts to illustrate your points, and cite periodicals, texts, and/or personal interviews to clarify your report. These can be part of your core pages, or in addition to it. Your instructor and classmates will evaluate your report, so consider the impact of your technology choices. Endnotes and Bibliography: Include endnotes and a bibliography of your sources. This information is in addition to your core page count.

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