project proposal summary

Create a project proposal summary in a maximum of 700 words that includes the following information regarding your chosen enterprise, described in a short paragraph of 2 to 4 sentences per bullet:

⢠A brief description of your proposed IT project (What are you planning to do?)

⢠A description of the business reason for the project (Why do you want to do it?)

⢠How does executing this project make your company better/different/special? (Differentiation)

⢠What is the competition doing to solve this problem or add this capability?

⢠Explain the consequences if the project is not performed. (What if we don’t do it?)

⢠What is the approximate budget, return on investment (ROI), and schedule? If possible, include a brief description of potential risks.

⢠Ask the board for approval for a specific amount by a certain date.

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