Projected Financial Statements

Unit 4 Assessment – Projected Financial Statements

Submit 3-year projected financial statements for your business. I will send a template that has to be use.. It has multiple tabs at the bottom. The first tab is a sales forecast sheet, just like the one you used a couple weeks ago. The second and third tab are break-even analysis charts. . The last tab, titled Financials is the important tab. Within this, there are three main financial statements, in order from top to bottom: income statement (also known as the profit & loss statement), cash flow statement and balance sheet. At the bottom is a loan amortization schedule (just in case you need to calculate loan payments). On the far left side of the sheet is a month by month for each of the three financials. If you scroll to the right, you’ll see the 3-year projections. Fill out the month by month first and then go back and fill in years 2 & 3 (as year 1 will already be done at the point).

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