Public Business Entertainment Leader Operating

Public Business Entertainment Leader Operating

Subject: Business    / Management

  1. Select one public/business/entertainment Leader operating today, and provide (based on Chapter 10 of the text and a review of external material about this figure) a 250 word summary of his or her Leadership Traits, Behaviors and Style/approach. What about these traits or behaviors do you believe qualifies AND disqualifies this person from being an effective Leader? Please cite your sources. ( I choose Timothy Donald Cook the CEO from Apple)


Please read the article posted below (the link is above for those who prefer the browser) and provide a 300 word response to include the following

– a brief summary of the article, including the major conclusions drawn by the authors.

– a paragraph stating whether you are inclined to agree with the authors, or not, and whether you see yourself as someone, irrespective of your own race or ethnicity, who is “destined to succeed” based on the material cited in the article.

-an assessment to what, if taken literally, this all means for “success in America.”

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