publication Assignment

Student planning on a professional career need to know and regularly read trade (specialized business) magazines in their fields. This assignment allows you to spend some time in the trade/business magazines in your field. Each student will be required to take a group of the trade magazines listed bellow. (only one student per group of publications.) student need to only use 8 of the publications listed but need to answer each of the questions below. This should be organized in outline from as noted bellow. Each of the 8 magazines profiled in this way should only be about 1-1/2 pages long.

I have choose these 8 trade magazines:( all of them will be available online)

1.Health Facilities Management business media Management Technology

5.Managed Care online

6.Health Management magazine

7.Modern Health Care

8.Healthcare Development Magazine

The Questions:


Trade publication Assignment- 20 points

  1. Name of publication
  • Publisher & Address
  1. Characteristics of the publisher- commercial trade publisher (e.g. Penton); professional organization (e.g. ASTD, PRSA); other (explain)
  2. Editor’s name, any professional affiliations
  • Advertising content
  1. Characterize the advertising content-display and classified
  2. What does that advertising content suggest about the readership of the magazine?
  3. Editorial content
  4. What kinds of news, features and editorials does this magazine include?
  5. What kind of authors?(staff members, contributing editors, outside contributors) is there professional background noted? (if so. what is there background?)
  6. Readership
  7. who is the reader of this magazine? And what do you base your conclusion on? Did you have access to the media kit ( which normally includes demographic details). Give as many details as possible.
  8. Magazine details
  9. Frequency
  10. Online or print or both- with online provide url; if print w/online version, provide url and note how much of the editorial material is online
  11. Circulation if known and give source of that data
  • Analysis of content
  1. Look at two issues of the magazine and read one or more of the features
  2. Summarize and critically analyze two feature stories (full citation needed). Each of these should be longer than one paragraph.


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