Purpose of the Report

Purpose of the Report

I am writing this report to bring you up to date concerning the development of my multimodal project on how pet food companies are thriving due to the growing humanization of pets. Precisely, I endeavor to present what I have accomplished so far, what I am yet to do, and significant decisions that I ought to make to ensure the success of this project. 

Area of Study

This project illuminates the effects of the growing humanization of pets on the operations and incomes of pet food companies. Specifically, I am focusing on the Blue Buffalo pet firm as a suitable example of a pet food company that endeavors to provide high-quality products for pets by working according to its slogan, which states, “Love them like family. Feed them like family.” Thus, I am examining varied aspects that shape Blue Buffalo and inform its operations. Specifically, I am checking on the following:

Types and quality of ingredients and raw materials that Blue Buffalo uses

What inspires Blue Buffalo to focus on generating quality pet food

Financial gains that Blue Buffalo realizes

Blue Buffalo’s brands 

Blue Buffalo’s operating strategy and area of specialization 

Quality of Blue Buffalo’s products

Current and future market share for pet food in the US

Work Completed

Luckily, I have made some significant advancements since the commencement of this project. First, I have completed some baseline research on the pet food industry and realized the following:

The pet food industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, with leading firms earning massive revenues ranging up to $18 trillion yearly.

The relatively large market share for pet food in the US tends to continue growing due to the rising adoption of pets by the residents.

There is a significant shift toward the generation of high-quality pet food due to the increasing humanization of pets. 

Moreover, I have conducted detailed research on Blue Buffalo and learned about what inspires its focus on generating pet foods of most exceptional quality, its operating strategy, and areas of specialization. In brief, Blue Buffalo enjoys substantial revenue from its high-quality products. Also, the organization has a significant market share that continues to expand. Still, Blue Buffalo relies on raw materials and natural ingredients of the most exceptional quality to manufacture quality pet food. Besides, the firm generates functional pet foods that incorporate the use of probiotic microorganisms to ensure that pets gain maximum benefits from consuming its (Blue Buffalo’s) products. Therefore, I believe that I have accomplished all the necessary research studies and acquired sufficient information to explicitly and exhaustively express the subject under investigation. 

Work in Progress

Even so, I am now working on fine-tuning the findings to gain more comprehension that would facilitate the determination and development of suitable graphics for proper presentation of the information. Hence, I am critically analyzing and evaluating the findings as well as available graphics to identify and select the most appropriate ones. Accordingly, I am confident that I will complete the project on time and deliver quality work. Hence, I will utilize suitable graphics that have been developed using empirical data to avoid the otherwise time-consuming practice of developing new ones. Moreover, I intend to work ahead of class to accomplish all the essential processes and engage all the supportive personnel on time. Specifically, I will develop a rough copy of the multimodal project and present it to my colleagues for reviews before revising and finalizing it. Still, I will maximize the available time for an adequate peer review process to avoid interference with the smooth progress of my project. Similarly, I will maximize the available time to develop a detailed reflection of my work before submitting the final project. Eventually, I will submit my final work on time. Thus, I will develop a detailed checklist and a suitable work plan and strictly adhere to it to ensure that I complete every task on time.

Anticipated Decisions

Moreover, I am striving to make sound decisions with regard to what would be included in the project presentation. Precisely, I will critically analyze and evaluate all the collected data to determine the most vital details that will effectively communicate the intended message. Hence, I will endeavor to utilize details that revolve around the subject of pet humanization and how Blue Buffalo strategizes its operations to realize its goals and objectives. Still, I will make good decisions on time allowance that I should observe to ensure that I stick to my plan and complete the project on time.

In conclusion, I am delighted to work on this genre since I am interested in the effects of the rising adoption of pets as alternative companions for humans. Accordingly, your advice and guidelines will greatly help in ensuring that I deliver quality work on time. 

Best regards,

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