Purpose: This concepts analysis paper is designed for students to learn and apply concepts currently taught in the third semester of nursing school.

Purpose: This concepts analysis paper is designed for students to learn and apply concepts currently taught in the third semester of nursing school.

In addition, a student will demonstrate effective use of the CCBC library resources and their ability to discern credible sources. It is recognized

that writing indicates one’s thinking and thinking is learning. At this level, students will demonstrate they are successful in writing a well-

developed academic paper.
• A. Choose a patient situation of interest. In the opening paragraph briefly expound on the patient situation and why it is of interest. In

other words, justify your topic selection.
B. Select 2 concepts from the CCBC framework related to the patient situation. Analyze the concepts in relationship to the selected patient situation.

One concept is to be selected from professional roles/practice (refer to the ADN Student Policy Manual for a list of topics included in the

professional Practice concept). The second concept is to be selected from concepts taught in Concepts 2 (elimination, immunity, community, end of

life, etc.). The concepts are to be examined in depth in the body of the paper.

• C. Search the CCBC library for resources that relate to the patient situation and the selected concepts. Your references should provide

support/evidence/defense as to why you chose the concepts and how they relate to your chosen patient situation. Analyze 4 articles, with 2 relating to

each concept. At least 1 reference should be a website containing information related to the patient situation, concept, and/or best practice

guidelines. At least 2 of the articles should be from peer-reviewed publications, and the website should be a credible website. At least 2 articles (1

for each concept) should be from a nursing resource.

• D. Discuss how the information impacts or could impact nursing practice (implications for nursing practice) at the unit and hospital (specific

to your clinical site) levels, as well as in the general healthcare arena. This should clearly relate to the patient situation and selected concepts.

Address your narrative paper to peer-scholars in this discipline who are interested in your topic and will analyze your work.
The format should include a title page, reference page(s), & 3-4 pages for the body of the paper. Additionally, the paper should utilize proper use of

APA format, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and double-spaced text.
APA formatted papers include: an introduction (which is not labeled in the paper), the body of the paper (with proper headings) and a conclusion. The

body of the paper will include the core information of Concepts Analysis and Nursing Implications, contained in multiple well written paragraphs under

the appropriate level headings.


Grading is detailed in the Clinical Concepts Analysis Rubric as follows: an introduction describing the patient situation of interest (20%); analysis

of the related concepts (20%); nursing implications (30%) with a concluding paragraph; process (5%); readability (10%); and APA format (15%); for a

total of 100 points

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