Question 1

Write a Program that reads from a text file and generates a word frequency that is displayed both textually as well as graphically.

Textually it would look something like this:

Sample Text “This is a random sentence that is used in this sentence”

This = 1, is =2, a = 1, random = 1, sentence = 2, that = 1, used = 1, in = 1


Graphically you will use matplotlib to generate a bar graph showing the word frequency.

Be sure to use exception handling and adequate comments.

Question 2

Write a python application that provides functionality for the following two features:

1) accepts input from the user and stores whatever the user types in to a text file.

2) Have the user search the same text file for a word and your application returns the number of occurrences of that word

Be sure to use adequate commenting as well as exception handling in your application


Submit your python application to this question


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