Race and the Criminal Justice System

Culturally Responsive Research Paper

You will write a 10-12 page analytical research paper (not including title page and reference page)
1. Use of 12-15 or more peer reviewed empirical, scholarly research articles
2. No use of first person period (I, Me), etc.
3. APA running head title page
4. APA internal citations
5. APA reference pages.
6. Use APA levels and headings appropriately
Be sure to include the following mandatory sections (headings):
? Introduction and Background (Set the scene for the topic and how / why it was selected)
? Purpose of the Paper (Why are you writing the paper)
? Significance Statement (Why is this paper important)
? Literature review (No articles can be older than 2011. Section is 2-3 pages. Use subheadings when changing topics)
? Implications for the field of study (Now that we know this information, so what?)
? Implications for professionals in the field (Now that we know this information, so what?)
? Suggestions for Further Research (What else needs to be done based on your research findings)

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