Rational for: Gamification in promoting healthy eating behaviour in children

Writing a 2 page rational for implementing an intervention.

*The intervention is an online game or game application that promote healthy eating habits for children.

*Setting: in country of Saudi Arabia.


Paragraph 1:

–          Global statistic about children obesity or unhealthy eating habits and its’ consequences.

–          Local statistics (in Saudi Arabia) about children obesity or unhealthy eating habits.

Paragraph 2:

–          Explain why it is important to make intervention about unhealthy eating behavior in children.

o   Include the sustainable development goals about child nutrition

o   Include if there are any local objectives targeting children obesity.

Paragraph 3:

–          The prevention

o   Include using (Gamification model) to make a positive impact on healthy lifestyle.

o   The benefits and justifications of implementing a gamification intervention for Saudi children to promote healthy eating habits.



Resources: any number is fine.

thank you

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