Scenario 1: Beta Technology has a system of monitoring employees’ computers using software that captures a screen image every 60 seconds. reviewing the results, you notice that an employee checked Facebook after work today. While you are not concerned that the employee called in sick to work on Friday and subsequently posted pictures of himself drinking excessively on the same day.

You notice that the employee’s Facebook profile set to private which means you only have access to this information because of the company’s software. On further examination, you notice that this employee has a pattern of calling in sick on Fridays, and in reviewing past monitoring reports you see a pattern of similar behavior. Sick time is supposed to be used only in the event of an illness or injury. 

Scenario 2: To help keep employees safe from potential violence, Beta Technology has a written “no weapons” policy. Employees are prohibited from bringing weapons onto any company property, including parking lots. Signs are posted warning employees that their cars and personal belongings are subject to random searches.

One morning, Jeff was stopped when entering the parking lot. The company decided to conduct random searches of all blue vehicles that day and Jeff was driving a blue Dodge Ram truck. The security guards found Jeff’s shotgun and an automatic pistol. When removing the pistol from the vehicle, the guards also found a bag of marijuana and some drug paraphernalia.

  • Scenario 1: Can you use information from monitoring reports to discipline or terminate the employees? Why or why not?
  • Scenario 2: Should employees have an expectation of privacy in their vehicles on company property?  What can you do, based on the items found during the search?
  • On which laws or regulations did you base your answer?

Write a 3-page paper in MSWord format applying laws, regulations or case support to the scenarios and make a determination for resolving each one

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