REL 212: Understanding Religion And Indigenous Religions

REL 212: Understanding Religion And Indigenous Religions

  1.  Select three videos from the list below.
  2.  You must site them by name in your post.
  3.  Analyze them according to the theories and approaches in chapter 1. (About a good paragraph)
  4.  Do Indigenous religions fit within the parameters of “religion” as described in chapter 1? Explain your answer.
  5.  What do you find unique about indigenous religions?


• 00:06:53 Navajo Medicineman Tells the Creation Story

Dec 23, 1974- Navajo medicineman Longsalt teaches his apprentice Buck the ancient stories of Creation in the Navajo religion.

• 00:08:13 Traditional Healing Rituals of the Navajo

Dec 23, 1974- NBC takes a look at the traditional healing rituals of the Navajo Indians.

• 00:04:35 A Look at American Indian Religions

Oct 25, 1988- Hundreds of Indian religions have similar ceremonies and rituals governing medicine, farming, and hunting.

• 00:04:09 Earth Images of Ancient Indians

Mar 15, 1983- Archaeologist Jay Von Werlhof explains his theories about ancient artistic images, including rock alignments, created by native Americans in southwest America.

• 00:06:28- Anthropologist Discusses Brazilian Religion Macumba

Anthropologist Peter Fry talks with NBC’s Bryant Gumbel about Macumba, a religion with roots in Africa brought over during the slave trade.

• 00:03:50 The Bushmen of Botswana

Feb 9,2004- Anthropologists and descendents of Africa’s bushmen tell the story of the history of mankind.

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