The relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

For each item listed below, know the definition of the term (or phrase) as well as the purpose of the idea (what is the point the author is making by discussing this issue?).

Why Satisfied Customers Defect. 

By: Jones, Thomas O.; Sasser Jr., W. Earl. Harvard Business Review, Nov/Dec95, Vol. 73 Issue 6, p88-91, 14p.

  1. Measuring customer satisfaction versus customer loyalty
  2. The driver(s) of long-term financial performance
  3. The (incorrect ) beliefs widely held by managers
  4. The relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  5. The key to securing customer loyalty
  6. The wrong customers
  7. Causes of false loyalty
  8. The role of product or service quality
  9. The recovery process
  10. How to listen to customers
  11. Recommended measures of loyalty
  12. Using customer satisfaction information
  13. Interpreting levels of satisfaction & how to decide what actions to take

The House of Quality. 

By: Hauser, John; Clausing, Don. Harvard Business Review, May/Jun88, Vol. 66 Issue 3, p63-73.

  1. House of Quality and QFD
  2. Conceptual map & perception map
  3. What’s so hard about design?
  4. What do customers want?
  5. Customer Attribute bundles
  6. What is measured, and how?
  7. What does a customer mean by “quiet?”
  8. Are all preferences equally important?
  9. Will delivering perceived needs yield a competitive advantage?
  10. How can we change the product?
  11. Interpretation of Engineering Characteristics (ECs)
  12. How much do engineers influence customer perceived qualities?
  13. Objective measures versus targets
  14. How does one engineering change affect other characteristics (relationship matrix)?
  15. Impute relative weights
  16. How does the house of quality lead to the bottom line?

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