Research Analysis

Using the cited research from the textbook as a starting point, you are to find a current (as recent as possible) related journal article, preferably on the same topic. You should then read the current article and compare its’ results and findings to those summarized in the text. After determining whether the results and findings are the same or different from those cited in the textbook, you then need to explain what those similarities or differences mean, in plain English.

Chapters 7, 8

The articles used to support Chapters 7 and 8 range from foundation articles to fairly recent, so you should be able to find something at least as recent as the articles cited in the chapters. The point of the exercise is to find another article to compare and contrast with the points summarized in the text.

To that end it may be helpful to:

  1. Use the library databases to search on authors cited in the chapters to find related articles. Our library should have full-text access to some relevant works that you can use for this assignment. An alternate strategy would be to search for articles citing these authors and see if we have access to those.
  2. Use the topic of interest in the text to generate search terms. Here, you can use “SWOT analysis” for a term, but you may also want to find related terms such as “information gathering” as possible choices.
  3. You do not want to merely summarize the article. You want to indicate whether the article you found is consistent or inconsistent with the material presented in the text. Then you want to discuss what these results, along with the material presented in the text, mean to managers in terms of how SWOT analysis relates to conducting the change process.

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