Research methodology

For Skill Set 2, you must complete an acute care project. At
The conclusion of your project, you?re expected to submit a
Written report. The report should be no shorter than three
Pages, not including the reference and title page, and written
In APA format.
Possible projects could be
? Developing and presenting an in-service education
Program to the department
? Drafting a job description
? The role played by JCAHO in this type of setting
? Discussing the role of the HIT in acute care

You?ll learn how to research information, compile information
, and report information.
Materials Submitted for Evaluation
Description and findings of the project in report format (two
To four pages) to include
? Description statement (description of project)
? Purpose statement (purpose of project)
? Research methodology (what methods you used to
Research the project)
? Findings
? Graphs and statistics (if applicable)

Cancer Registry Project
Specifications for Skill Set 5
? What is a cancer registry?
? What is the role of the cancer registrar?
? What does AHIMA require for credentialing as a certified?
Tumor registrar?
? What are the requirements to maintain certification?
? What is the certified tumor registrar?s role in the
American Cancer Society?
This skill set requires you to write a three-page document,
not including the title page, the abstract, or the reference
page. Please also write it in APA format.

For-Profit Business/Consulting
Specifications for Skill Set 7
Note to Student:
This Skill Set pertains to a for-profit busi-
ness or consulting business that deals with the HIT
functions, such as coding consultants, health record
off-site storage centers, security/HIPAA consultants, tran-
scription companies, and so on.
For the final project, please complete the following:
? Review the role of HIT professionals in for-profit
businesses or consulting.
? Identify the education and experience required to
work in these settings.
? Review the responsibilities and regulations of this
industry in relation to the HIT industry.
? Discuss the risks and legal issues related to working
in this setting.
You?ll learn about alternative roles and settings for HIT
Professionals, the policies and procedures for this type of
Setting, and the education and credentials needed to work in
this setting. You?ll also learn about government regulations
for this type of setting, review contracts for this type of
, and observe the communication skills needed
for interaction with clients in this type of setting.

Acute Care Correspondence

Review and discuss the HIPPA?s policies
and proc-
dures for releasing health information

Prepare a diagram representing the steps a facility
would need to take for release of information
according to HIPAA

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