Write a 750-1,000-word paper that addresses the following:

  1. A definition of screening, assessment, and treatment plan
  2. What is the assessment process for identifying addictive disorders?
  3. What considerations must be made for choosing an appropriate assessment tool?
  4. A general overview of the substance use disorder criteria according to the DSM.
  5. A discussion about the potential problems that can arise when a counselor relies solely on the diagnostic criteria listed in the DSM for treatment planning.
  6. Include at least two examples of commonly used substance use disorder assessment tools.
  7. Discuss the need for crisis management when working with a client.
  8. Include a minimum of two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.

When writing the paper, consider using the following level-one APA headings to help organize the content:

  1. Definitions
  2. Assessment Process
  3. Considerations
  4. General Overview of Criteria
  5. Potential Problems
  6. Examples
  7. Crisis Management

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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Research Paper

This is a research paper where you have to interview individuals and the topic I chose is social anxiety. 


I attached the document where out teacher posted all the directions, as well as 2 example papers that her gave us. If you don’t want to interview people that is ok, you can fake their responses. 


These are my interview questions that you can copy and paste to send to people if you do want to interview them:

Interview Questions


  1. Have you ever personally experienced or seen someone with a social anxiety?
  2. How did this anxiety influence your life, or the person’s that you saw with it?
  3. Did the anxiety limit your social interactions?
  4. If applicable, have you ever gone to therapy or done anything in order to help the anxiety?
  5. If you do not have the anxiety, did you ever denounce those who did?
  6. Do you believe those that suffer from an anxiety are stigmatized more than those that don’t?
  7. Do you feel there are more people with anxieties than without?
  8. Before you experienced or met the person with the anxiety, were you aware about them?
  9. Do you think society raises enough awareness on social anxieties?
  10. If you do have anxiety, do you feel like you are more connected and understood to individuals that also have anxiety?

You can add more questions if you want but if not those are fine. 

Research Paper

Research Paper
Discipline Information Technology
Description Scenario: As a health information manager, you will be responsible for designing strategic plans and you will also find yourself in a position in which you will have to educate your subordinates, superiors and the community. Imagine that you have landed a job as director of health information management of a small health organization. One of your principal tasks is to ready the organization for a health information management implementation initiative. One of the first things in the planning phases for health information management initiatives is an organizational assessment. ��� Review the literature on health information management and business strategies.. ��� Complete a 3���5 page literature review on best practices in business strategies in health information management. ��� Describe a hypothetical situation in which you as a health information management professional ready your organization for implementation of one new project. ��� Create a 20 question survey that will help organizations assess their business strategy, management and leadership practices and their readiness and ability to implement health information management initiatives. Turn in your topic selection. In this course you will complete capstone research projects on an issue or trend in health information management. It is up to you to select a topic. Your ideas should come from course work and class or team discussion or maybe from your workplace. If you do not have a viable idea for a project widen your horizons by conducting a literature search . Unit 2 Assignment 2 of 2: Job Search Preparation Assignment Phase II 20 points 2. Phase II ��� Choose Five of the Jobs that you identified in Phase I. Fill out the skills matrix. Refer to the Readings on employer preferences and skills in the workplace). Keep in mind that the soft skills may not necessarily stated in the posting explicitly but implied. Read the posting carefully and also research the organization and any publically available materials about the organization to determine which soft skills would likely be perceived as high value in that job. Readings: Robles, M. (2012) Executive Perceptions of Soft Skills Needed in Today���s Workforce. Business Communications Quarterly, 74(4) 453-465. Accessed 10 Nov 2012. Hartman, J & McCambridge, J (2011). Optimizing Millennial���s Communications Styles. Business Communication Quarterly, Volume 74, Number 1, March 2011 22-44. Accessed 10 Nov 2012. Velasco, M. (2012). More than just good grades: candidates��� perceptions about the skills and attributes employers seek in new graduates. Journal Of Business Economics & Management,13(3), 499-517. doi:10.3846/16111699.2011.620150 Utilize the soft skills identified to enhance your resume. Modify your resume to include a list highlighting the skills you possess. THE MATRIX IS THE SIXTH PAGE