Paper 5: The Research Paper

Formal requirements:

A. 1000-1800 words (3.5-5 pages not counting your works cited).
B. Typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font.
C. You must use at least four sources in the essay.
D. You must include a works cited page
E. Follow MLA formatting and citation guidelines (consult BH for entering citations).
F. You must follow standard essay outline discussed in class.
G. You may use the first person (I) when writing about a personal example or experience?but remember that your essay should focus on your topic, not on your own life.
H. You may NOT use the second person (you).

PROMPT: -Write a thesis-driven research paper on why Ex-felons in the United States should have the right to Vote.

To do this, you need to cleanly integrate information from your sources into your own writing. It?s not enough to simply give the reader quotes from other articles; you have to show how these quotes relate to your thesis. I want to see your own thoughts in conversation with your sources. Remember: your argument should try to somehow advance the conversation on your topic, to bring a new insight to the issue. How you set out to achieve that is up to you, but always remember to keep your readers in mind. Ask yourself: would this be an interesting, informative, and engaging essay on the topic for a general reader?

Your essay should be comprised of well-formed paragraphs. You should have an attention-grabbing introduction and a conclusion that does more than repeat the paper?s key points.

As always, you should strive to make your writing free of mechanical errors. Pay particularly close attention to MLA citation guidelines, both in the text and on you
works cited page. In this paper, you will be pulling information from a number of different sources, and it is vital that you are attributing that information.

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