respond to inquiry 500 words

Read the scenario provided below and prepare a detailed discussion about how you would use Microsoft Access to complete the tasks associated with addressing the issues identified in the scenario. Be sure to refer back to this unit’s readings and to incorporate any outside sources that may be useful in helping you complete the scenario’s tasks.

You are a commissioner of corrections in a large northern state in the United States. However, you are perplexed by the lack of communication between the various institutions in the Department of Corrections in your state. One of the known hindrances is the inability of the facilities to share data concerning inmates, incidents, and inventory without having to prepare a list of needed reports and have those reports manually delivered to the requesting institution. It is your desire that all institutions in your state be able to access and share information about the people housed and resources available at each institution without having to manually deliver reports. Maintaining the security of the data is one of your primary concerns. However, having a way to allow institutions to communicate more expediently is equally important. As a result, you have decided to devise a way to address this issue. Discuss how you would complete the tasks associated with addressing the issues identified.

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