Respond to the following peer discussion.

Build on your previous discussion answer about change strategies and performance measures, and analyze issues and / or needs associated with strengthening the competency-base of employees in meeting the needs of globalization.

The globalization process has affected to a large extent the way of life of the individual citizens and the communities. This has generated new institutional challenges for local institutions and has given rise to a set of complex needs and troubles from the communities. As a local institution considered being the closest to the community residents, local government has to respond to such needs and challenges to be able to serve well their interests and concerns. In responding to such challenges, local government’s role has to go beyond being a service provider. It has to be an enabler by providing the right kind of environment where the community will grow and flourish into a vibrant economic and social unit. The changing role of local government in the governance of communities has highlighted strongly the need to develop human resources at the local level to cope with the enabling functions of the local government. In relating directly with the community, the local government personnel must have the necessary skills and knowledge to better serve the residents’ needs and concerns. With the changing concept of local governance, the local government personnel should be qualified and highly trained for their enabling or facilitative functions. Some of the needs that need to be addressed are going to include the lack of training programs for the agency for the local elective officials, and the lack of financial resources.

Recommend at least two strategies the agency needs to adapt to meet those issues and / or needs effectively.

The need to allocate funds: formulate a policy on the grant of incentives to local governments where they would be encouraged to set aside on a regular basis, a certain amount from their development funds for capability building programs most especially for the development of enabling competencies. In other words, there is a need for a continuing capability building program for every local government unit in the country through a regular allocation of funds from local development funds.

Develop regular training programs: It appears imperative to develop and conduct a regular training program particularly for the local government personnel. HR competencies at the local level could be further enhanced if regional offices would undertake specific programs for local government personnel to be done on a regular basis. They should be able to conduct more regular training programs specifically for local functionaries and personnel to equip them with the needed skills and knowledge to perform their enabling functions (Legaspi, n.d.)


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