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“In the long term, the success of any organization depends on its ability to create and maintain a customer.” Do you agree? What does this have to do with purchasing and supply management? 

Yes, I agree that the success of an organization would depend on it’s ability to create and maintain a customer. As a company, it is critical to fulfill the needs and wants of customers to maintain the level of customer loyalty. In order to do so, purchasing and supply management play a huge role in it. Purchasing, which indicates the amount of inventories that a company will be restocking. With that being said, a company would have to pay close attention to the amount it would be buying due to the situation of shortage or surplus. If the warehouse is short of inventories that it could not supply what the customers are asking for, then it leads to higher chances of them leaving and choosing another company. Therefore, it is essential for the company to have a well-formed supply management. One, such as the manager, should be fully understand the process map/supply chain of the company. He/She should be aware of the function of the company which could further assist him/her to improve the customer satisfaction. For example, the manager could evaluate the supply chain of the company to identify any malfunctions and make improvements as needed, which is using the skill of supply management. As a result, a well-managed supply management is beneficial for the manager to operate the company which lead to effective decision making on purchasing that result in a higher quality of customer service. 

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