Result for study

Write the study Results (>1100 words)

For assessment of quality in a healthcare organization 


Data Analysis descriptive of the attached excel sheet

1-     cover the three Objective of a study:

–        The study aims to Assess the Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare Organization Survey in Saudi Arabia.

–        To explore the most common factors affecting quality improvement.

–        To explore the relationship between the organization’s characteristics as a whole and its quality improvement outcome.


2-     Include four tables:

1.      Social demographic data

2.      Hospital Culture (the organization as a whole) which cover 5 dimensions as in the attachment of the (Quality improvement implementation survey)

3.      Quality Improvement in the organization

4.      Relation between the organization culture and the Quality Improvement


The attached documents:

–        Excel sheet of the data

–        The used survey questioner

–        The original Quality improvement implementation survey to help to understand of the analysis


Please consider in the current profession responses to be accurate, as OT, health educator, paramedics, and pharmacist are allied healthcare



Please message me for any further clarification


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