Retirement Worksheet

Retirement Worksheet  Name: ____________________________________________

1.  After my education is complete, my career plans include:



2.  I am currently working _________hrs./week at _______________________ where my primary job

responsibilities include________________________________________________________________.

3.  I believe / don’t believe this job will assist me in achieving my long-term career goals.

4.  YOUR ESTIMATE/BEST GUESS:  I intend to withdraw $_________________ at the END of each year from my retirement account to support my lifestyle.  Input how much you think you need to live comfortably in your retirement years.  To help you with your estimate, experts estimate you should plan to have approximately 70% of your ending salary in your retirement years in order to maintain your standard of living.  (Assume no pension or Social Security benefits.) 

5.  When I retire, my goal is to have saved $_______________________ in a retirement account.  I believe these funds will be sufficient to maintain my desired lifestyle through my retirement years.  Input this figure BEFORE you calculate anything on the Excel template.  Just take a guess.  What do you think is a reasonable amount to have as your nest egg on the day you retire (age 65 in this example) that would support the annuity withdrawal from the previous question.

6.  Based on my total retirement savings from question #5, assuming those funds are invested at 5% compounded annually, I am able to withdraw $______________ from my retirement fund each year over the next 20 years.  (Show all work here.)  Easiest to compute with the financial calculator (solve for PMT). 


7.  In order to meet your retirement goals (withdrawing an annuity stream for 20 years) from question #4, how much would you need to have in your retirement account at age 65?  In other words, based on the amount of the annuity from question #4, the total retirement savings account must have an actual balance of $______________ in the account on the day of retirement at age 65 assuming a rate of 5% compounded annually.  This is a present value of annuity calculation.  (Show all work here.)


8.  Review your answers from questions #4-#7.  This is just the “off the cuff” approach to retirement planning.  How close were you to “reality”?  What are your thoughts or conclusions?



Now let’s take a more analytical approach to retirement planning:


I hope to have $___________________  of retirement savings in the bank by age 30.

I hope to earn $___________________ per year when I’m 30.

I hope to earn $___________________ per year when I’m 40.

I hope to earn $___________________ per year when I’m 50.

I hope to earn $___________________ per year when I’m 60.

10.  I PROMISE that I WILL SAVE 15% of that salary each year, and I expect to retire at age 65.

11.  If my life expectancy is age 85, my retirement years will total ________.

12.  SHOW WORK IN THE TEMPLATE:  Assume I invest 15% of my salary annually based upon the above salaries at a savings rate of 6.5% compounded annually.  At retirement age, my nest egg (including the retirement funds I had saved by age 30) would total: 

$_______________________  (from Excel template)

13.  SHOW WORK IN THE TEMPLATE:  Based on the amount of funds in your retirement account (question #12), how much can you withdraw each year during retirement?  In other words, what is your annual annuity?

$_______________________  (from Excel template)

14.  With a disciplined savings plan I know I can meet my long-term financial goals:  TRUE/FALSE

15.  Please comment on this exercise.  What are your thoughts/conclusions?

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