Return on Investment


Please use APA7 and current peer reviewed scholarly sources. This is a masters degree paper.  One source must be current. Use the Gordon & Curlee (2011) and one current peer reviewed scholarly article as other source.


Do a search of ‘return on investment’ in the library and/or the internet and explain and summarize your findings. In particular, discuss how others define or explain ‘return on investment.’ Based upon your research, offer an example to compare the value of a college education as compared to future earning potential. Consider direct and indirect costs. Use the VPMO Return on Investment review (Figure 9-4) on page 162 of the Gordon & Curlee text. 


Gordon, R. L., & Curlee, W. (2011). The virtual project management office : best practices, proven methods (1st edition). Management Concepts.


Figure 9-4 is attached as a Ppt. file for your reference


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