Risk Assessment and Management

Risk Assessment and Management

             TACC610 – Risk Assessment and Management

             Group Assignment – Risk Management Plan

                  Due Week 10 (at start of lecture)

             Value: 25 percent of final marks


In the unit we cover a wide range of risk management activities. This assignment and the associated group student presentations will enable us to examine and compare risk management in different types of companies / organisations.


Your Mission

Students are to form groups of 3 and 4.


You are to select an organisation then prepare and critically analyse a Risk Management Plan for that organisation. Each student group should choose a different business type and liaise with the Lecturer to ensure a suitable mix is achieved across all groups. Choose from: Small Proprietary Company, Large Proprietary Company, Listed Public Company, Not for Profit or Sole Trader.


You must use risk related research and supporting literature to synthesise and critically analyse the details within your Risk Management Plan. Using your risk related research you should also determine the strengths of the Risk Management Plan, along with any areas for improvement and your recommendations.


Refer to the instructions/rules section for minimum requirements relating to the research required.


Note: for large organisations students may want to concentrate on a specific risk area e.g. develop a Risk Management Plan for the Treasury Division of a large Bank.


As a minimum the assignment must include:

  • Executive Summary which includes:
    • Your summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the Plan. Along with your summary of the recommendations to improve, strengthen and/or address any gaps. (the detail should be within the body of your assignment)
  • Background to your organisation
  • Purpose/Objective of the Risk Management Plan
  • Your plan should cover the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) structure including:
    • Diagram and details of the ERM structure
    • Key roles and responsibilities
    • Key risk management activities/processes for ensuring that risks are identified, assessed and managed
  • Key Risks (no more than 5)
  • Organisational review and monitoring processes
  • Conclusion


Instructions / Rules

  1. Ensure you have critically analysed and assessed the Risk Management Plan using risk related research.
  2. You must cite a minimum of 5 (five) risk related references.
  3. You should read additional material which should be included in a list of references at the end of your assignment.
  4. Normal University referencing rules apply.
  5. The document should have appropriate headings, subheadings and page numbers.
  6. This work should be in one document such as Microsoft Word. This assignment should be typed using times new roman font size 12, 5 line spacing and double that between paragraphs, with appropriate headings and attention to spelling and grammar.  The report should not exceed fifteen (15) pages (excluding the list of references).
  7. It is TOP policy that assignments cannot be submitted late without prior approval of the unit coordinator and only in extenuating circumstances supported by evidence. Assignments submitted late without prior approval will not be graded.
  8. Before attending class you must submit your work to the Unit’s Turnitin.
  9. You should also physically hand your lecturer a hard (printed) copy of the assignment prior to the commencement of the class.
  10. Your assignment must have the correct TOP cover sheet attached and the declaration must be signed.
  11. Attach a copy of the summary Turnitin result to your hard (printed) copy assignment.
  12. Each student should also complete the Group Assignment: Peer and Self Assessment of Teamwork Form and hand a printed copy to the lecturer prior to the commencement of the lecture.
  13. Ensure a thorough edit and spell check using English (Australian).

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