Role of evil, pain and suffering

  1. Post-Darwinism
  2. What does Nietzsche means when he says that cognition is a contingent adaptation, not a transcendental faculty?
  3. What doubts that Nietzsche raises on metaphysics and morals?
  4. Briefly describe the classical theory as conceived by Nietzsche
  5. Genealogical
  6. Explain the meaning of ressentiment as used by Nietzsche
  7. According to Nietzsche, what is the origin of the origin of basic moral of good and evil?
  8. Why does Nietzsche state that humans have inherited outmoded moral concepts that are based on Christianity’s false beliefs?
  9. Transmoral
  10. Explain Bloom’s theory
  11. Why is art an intensified form of lie?
  12. Explain the following forms of transmoral categories:

-original vs. derivative

-self-reliant vs. dependent

-strong vs. weak

  1. Descriptive
  2. Why does Nietzsche argue that descriptive history is useless?
  3. What is the value of the knowledge of the past, according to Nietzsche?
  4. Romanticism
  5. What is romanticism as defined by Nietzsche?
  6. How does Nietzsche liken romanticism to Decadence?
  7. What is the cure of romanticism sickness?
  8. Role of evil, pain and suffering
  9. What makes men of today different from men of the past or ancient days?
  10. Why do people hate pain today?
  11. What causes sudden coldness in the demeanor of good-natured men?
  12. The Purpose of Purpose
  13. Why does Nietzsche deny the existence of purpose in the world?
  14. What does Nietzsche refer to as ‘mere anthropomorphism?
  15. Will to power-will to life
  16. a. What does the ascetic priest seek to preserve?
  17. b. How is the world reduced?
  18. Define the will to life and will to life
  19. How civilizations evolve
  20. According to Nietzsche, out of what did the highest form of art evolve?
  21. What motivated the evolution of tragic drama?
  22. Role of errors in consciousness
  23. What does Nietzsche call the familiar?
  24. What does Nietzsche term as ‘error of errors?’

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