RUA paper

HI Class,

This week you have the RUA Health Promotion Assignment due.  Please make sure you have chosen one of the following Leading Health Indicators to write on:

Children, adolescents, and adults who use the oral health care system (2+ years)

Consumption of calories from added sugars by persons aged 2 years and over (2_ years)

Drug overdose deaths

Exposure to unhealthy air


Household food insecurity and hunger

Persons who know their HIV status (13+ years)

Persons with medical insurance (<65 years)


Infant deaths

4th grade students whose reading skills are at or above the proficient achievement level for their grade

Adolescents with major depressive episodes (MDEs) who receive treatment

Children and adolescents with obesity

Current use of any tobacco products among adolescents

Adults engaging in binge drinking of alcoholic beverages during the past 30 days

Adults who meet current minimum guidelines for aerobic physical activity and muscle-strengthening activity

Adults who receive a colorectal cancer screening based on the most recent guidelines

Adults with hypertension whose blood pressure is under control

Cigarette smoking in adults

Employment among the working-age population

Maternal deaths

New cases of diagnosed diabetes in the population

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