All applicants must submit an essay/personal statement in which you describe your most laudable academic accomplishments, achievements, and any unique recognition awarded to you on the basis of your academic or research performances. You may also include a statement on your personal aspirations and career goals. Include a discussion of how scholarship assistance will help your meet your goals. Remember, this is often the best opportunity you have to speak directly to the scholarship review committee! Please check spelling and grammar carefully before submitting your essay. Limit: 1000 words.

What you need to know about me:

I am a female, and I am 25 years old. I am Cuban and since I got to USA 7 years ago, I have been working multiples jobs and studying English. Once I had the language level require, I started my academic career while still working. Two days ago, I finally got my AA degree in Miami Dade College and then I transferred to Florida International University to do my BS degree.

I just got my associate degree in criminal justice, and I am seeking a bachelor’s degree in Crime Science. I want to be a CSI. 

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