scientific document 2

Watch a scientific documentary no less than 1 hour (If you chose to do a series, watch 2 episodes) on a subject that is related to any of the topics found in Units 3 & 4

The scientific paper will need to address the following: 

1. Make connections to the video concepts with your readings. 

2. Reflect on your thoughts about the way the documentary is portraying the concept and key take away lessons. 

3. Describe new knowledge you learned from the documentary. 

4. Use terminology from the textbook or lecture presentation to aid the reflection paper from the documentary. 

Grading Rubric

1. Organization of reflection paper through the written structure (introduction, paragraphs supporting discussion points, and conclusion) – 5 points. 

2. Successful connection to concepts themes to any of the topic areas – 5 points

3. Terminology used well throughout the essay – 5 points

4. Personal reflection integrated into an essay – 5 points

5. Grammar and spelling – 5 points

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