Session 18

Based on the reading answer two of these questions.


What do you feel when you read these poems, especially when you read them in conjunction with the images from the 1989 Tiananmen Square Incident? What do these poems express that many people on the square were likely feeling?

 ï‚— What makes these poems powerful? What are some of the modernist and experimental techniques, images and poetic devices that make these poems effective? How do the poems impact the reader? How could they mobilize people to action?

 ï‚— How do these poems express a critique of contemporary times and events in China? What do these poems focus on and how do they express this critical consciousness? How do they get us to think and reflect upon the present? 

ï‚— How and why were these poets often labelled as “dissident” and “underground,” especially in the context of 1970’s and 1980’s post-Mao China? Why would they frequently be banned or sent into exile? Why would official government authorities not favor the publication of this kind of poetry? 

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