setting up some circuits

I am going to write about my activities at the physics club and what I learned from it. Here is what I have got so far.

Give me some capacitors and resistors and I will get busy setting up some circuits. I love doing experiments so I joined the Physics Club as soon as I arrived at Los Angeles Harbor College last spring. As a member of the Physics for Scientists and Engineers Class Part One, I was invited to join the Physics Club. My activities in the club have earned me a place as being one of the most respectable and senior members. As a result, I have participated in many events and have gone to places where I have had experiences of a lifetime.

In class, I learnt a lot of theory work, and I did my practical work in the Physics Laboratory. However, my real chance to showcase what I had learnt and to expose it to the world was through the Physics Club. For instance, I taught the rest of the students on the topics I was familiar with, and in the process, I changed the attitudes and performances of many students.

even some of them won accolades as among the best physics projects of our time. I believe I taught the people that saw my projects a lot about physics and what it entails doing a successful project. On the other hand, the accomplishments gave me an inner satisfaction and belief that I am poised to succeed but if only I develop the right attitude towards all that I engage in. In my last year, I was so proud of my achievements at the club because, despite not a leader, I led the club as a congruent member to achieve the success that made it the most active club at the school.

The accomplishment in the Physics Club marks my most memorable experience because apart from being the most recent, it also signifies the extent to which I can change the lives of others and positively influence them through my hard work, dedication and passion.

As you can see I refer a lot to projects but I did not specify what I did and what I learned from it. So I want you to write about those projects.

So, my instruction is write THREE PARAGRAPHS , each for one experiment. where you describe what I DID in the experiment and what I LEARNED from it. please describe the activities in details.

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