Sexual Assault: Training Program

Training Program Development: Overview

Now that you have assessed the department’s and community’s understanding of crime victims’ rights and conducted research on important best practices for training officers on victims’ rights, you are ready to assist the training program director with development of an entry-level training plan and presentation regarding the topic of your choice. You will want to utilize your research from Project 1 and gaps in knowledge from Project 2 to guide your training concepts that you include for one of the following topics:

  1. Intimate Partner Violence
  2. Sexual Assault
  3. Stalking

Final Project—Training Program Development: Description

Your assignment requires that you submit BOTH of the following training plan materials:

  1.       Training Lesson Plan
  • The Lesson Plan is a written description of the training objectives, required topic areas to fulfill the training objectives, a presentation guide that includes trainers notes for each slide in the training, and supporting resources (cited in the Lesson Plan using an APA formatted Reference Page) (see real LE Victims’ Rights Training Lesson Plan (MDLE Training Lesson Plan.doc).
  • The Lesson Plan must include instructor’s notes for every slide in your Power Point presentation.
  1.       Training Power Point
  • Your training module presentation should provide content consistent with your Lesson Plan that covers the following information (no min/max slides required):

o   Training Objectives;

o   Icebreaker activity (something that engages the audience immediately);

o   Overview of the crime (prevalence rates, history, changes in laws over time, impact the crime has on the overall community);

o   Barriers for victims in reporting and seeking assistance;

o   Challenges for criminal justice professionals in responding to the crime, investigations, etc.;

o   Best practices for law enforcement and community response to these victims;

o   Any applicable requirements for first responders and law enforcement in the relevant jurisdiction;

o   Applicable victims’ rights and resources; and

o   Conclusion activities (something to close out the training and summarize the learning objectives).

  • Your training module consists of both the Lesson Plan and PowerPoint slides.
  • All APA 7th edition format requirements must be followed
  • Link to LE Victims’ Rights Training Lesson Plan:

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