Sexually transmitted diseases in youth

Literature Review Rubric
This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade
Description of Assignment: Description of Assignment:
You are to locate five research articles about a significant societal issue which affects a particular group of people. Four of
the sources must be scholarly, peer-reviewed articles from the MDC database and one must come from the Solutions
Story Tracker website:
A literature review is exactly that, a review of the sources you have researched. In this review, you must begin by
introducing the significant societal problem and explaining why it is important to research it or learn more about it. The
introduction must also include a “research question.” You then must review each article and explain how it answers or is
relevant to your research question. Additionally, the review of each article must be thoughtfully arranged, making
connections between each article reviewed. Finally, literature review must attempt to maintain objectivity and balance by
presenting various perspectives, avoiding personal bias, and maintaining a third person voice.
Each paragraph review will
• introduce the author and title of article
• explain the authors discipline and methods
• provide a summary of the article’s main points
• include one or two quotes from the article
• explain the relevance of the article to the research question
• lead into and make connections to the next article review
Once all five articles have been reviewed, the student must conclude in the following way:
• Synthesize all five articles by explaining what the overall findings suggests
• Explain what further research is need to explore the issue in more depth
• Reformulate your initial researcher question
Grading of Assignment: g of Assignment:
The following rubric will be used to assess your literature review.
Each category will be graded on a 10pts system: 10= Superb, 9=Very good, 8=Good, 7=Solid, 6=fair, 5=needs
improvement, 4=needs much improvement, 3 and below=content area is missing or needs to be completely
Article selection: the articles are scholarly, including one from the solutions story tracker. The articles selected
have sufficient information (i.e. they were not only two pages long). The articles present a varied view of the
problem. The articles are about the same topic. There are at least 5 articles in total. (10% of 100)
Introduction: The intro hooks the reader and keeps him/her engaged. It introduces a significant societal
problem and explains why it is important to research it and learn more about it. The introduction also includes a
“research question.” (10% of 100)
Summaries: Student writer avoids unintentional plagiarism and follows the conventions of proper summary
writing. Student uses attributive tags giving credit to the author. Student writer’s summaries are sufficient to be
able to understand the important points of each article. Student includes a summary 5 articles. (15% of 100)
Review: Each of the review’s paragraphs introduce one author and title of article in proper MLA or APA style.
Each review paragraph includes at least one quote. The review paragraph is written mostly in the student
writer’s own voice and only uses quotes sparingly. Quote(s) are no longer than 3 lines in length and are cited
appropriately. Student reviews each article and explains how it answers or is relevant to the research question
Student explains what is gained from each particular article. The student maintains an objective tone and avoids
personal bias. (15% of 100)
Organization and transitions: The essay includes an introduction, body and conclusion. Each article is
thoughtfully arranged in the order that best fits the student writer’s purpose. Each idea within each paragraph
leads into the next one. There are appropriate transitions and connections between one article and the next.
Paragraphs are appropriately indented and broken up. (10% of 100)
Mechanics: student follows the convention or standard of the English language. Each idea and sentence is
clear. Appropriate punctuation and grammar followed. (10% of 100)
Format and Word Count: The student writes in third person and includes proper headings and a title that fits
the topic and includes the words Literature Review. The student meets the minimum 800 word count, which is
measured from the first word of the introduction to the last word of the conclusion but does not count the page
headings or the Works Cited or Reference pages. Student follows MLA or APA standards including double
spacing, Times new roman 12pts font, and includes a Works Cited or Reference page. (15% of 100)
Conclusion: The student has a conclusion that synthesizes all five articles by explaining what the overall findings
suggests. The student explains what further research is needed to explore the issue in more depth and the student
reformulates the initial researcher question and their plans for further research. (15% of 100)
A=100% to 90%, B=89% to 80%, C=79% to 72%, D=71% to 69%, F=68% and below

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