Situational Crime Prevention

Writing Assignment #5: Situational Crime Prevention

For your writing assignment, please answer the questions below using information from the assigned section from the course textbook and external sources where appropriate.  To receive full credit, you must answer each question fully.


Assignment Requirements: written submission with 500 words minimum (600 max).


Required Reading:

Crime Prevention – Steven Lab: Chapter 5, p. 201-210 “Situational Prevention Studies”


Required Response:

  1. 1- After reviewing the section “Situational Prevention Studies,” choose your own specific crime problem and imagine the following scenario:
  3. You are a security consultant hired by some entity and they have asked for your recommendations as to how they should reduce the number of crime instances regarding your specific crime problem.
  5. b. In addition to providing three recommendations, provide justifications as to why each of your recommendations would work or what should be expected when your implementation is made.

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