Social Media and Behavior Interaction”

Please respond to the following:
Interacting and communicating with other people is part of daily life. This includes face-to-face conversations, conversations over the PHONE or other mobile devices, and conversations through social media. Read the article titled, ?Is social media ruining our kids? social skills?? Provide your opinion on the effect that texting and social media (i.e., Twitter, Snap Chat, Facebook, etc.) are having on individuals? abilities to articulate a face-to-face conversation. Support your opinion with one (1) example from your personal experience or an incident in the media.
Emotional interaction is a behavioral reaction that is reflected by an individual?s feeling when interacting with technology. Examine the affect that the visceral design of a laptop has on an individual?s behavioral response compared to the affect that the visceral design of a smartphone has.

Thirteen Original Colonies”

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