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Social networking is the use websites and other applications for the purpose of interacting with other people. People also use social networking to look for other people that might have similar interests with theirs. Social networking has many benefits to the people that use them. One of the benefits is that, with social networking, it is very easy to connect with friends and other people that might be using the same site. Keeping contact with the old colleagues and friends has become easier using social networking. This is because looking for these people on the social sites is very simple rather than trying to trace them which might be very difficult (Partridge, 2011).

Social networking also helps a lot in the field of business. This is because people get to advertise their businesses through the social sites. By that, a lot of people get to know of that business and it is through these sites that one may get many people who have the interest of doing business with them. It is also a good platform for business since one may get questions from the interested customers and get to answer them immediately.

Social networking also comes with some disadvantages to the people that use them. One of the disadvantages is that many people lack the knowledge of effective networking. It, therefore, results to time wastage while trying to network yet they do not get good results. A good example is when one invests a lot in trying to advertise their business, but people find it difficult to understand the advertisement (Partridge, 2011).

There are many benefits of social networking to the society. One of them is that the social networks enhance fast communications. This is because the messages are instant thus people get to communicate faster that when they are using telephones.

There are various negative effects of the use of social networking on the society. One of the negative impacts is that people lack privacy. This is because the use of social networking makes many people get their personal lives known to the public. This is because many people tend to post issues that are personal any time they feel like. This might be very wrong since this information can be accessed by people who should not have the access to this information.

Social networking is essential when doing business. It is so since nowadays people have the knowledge to market their businesses using the social networks. By this, information regarding the business gets to reach very many people since a huge percentage the world’s population gets to use the social networks. This helps a lot in making a business known by many people and by that the sales of a business may increase since many people may be interested in acquiring the goods and services. Some people are also taught on how to conduct some companies on the social networks. But that they get the knowledge on how to run companies thus they have the ability to start a business of their own. Some companies also have platforms on the social networks where people get to review the business. By that, the business gets to now of the areas that they should rectify.

In three years to come, social networking will have evolved a lot. This is because I suppose by that time many people will have access to the social networks. Therefore, there is a possibility that almost every person will be having their shopping done through these sites. This is because by that, people will get to choose the best product and they will not have to move around since their shopping are now delivered at their doorsteps.


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