Software Development

  1. The purpose of this exercise is to get a bit of practice on the methods and details of writing for academic purposes in a scholarly context. Since this is a management course in a business area, we will use the APA
    guide for this and selected other assignments during the semester.

If APA or scholarly/academic writing is new to you, it may be helpful for you to review the three files below

Which are located on my public teaching folder which is at this address:

  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Citing in APA Style
  • Hacker-Shaw APA Sample Paper

After you have completed reviewing those materials prepare and submit the following written assignment:

Using the Internet, find an on-line article that relates to the topic of software development and that you find interesting. A trade publication related to software development would be good to consider.

Applying what you reviewed on scholarly writing above, write a brief (250-350 word) summary of the article making sure you include the following components in proper APA format: (1) cover page, (2) your 250-300 word recap with a proper citation of the article, (3) reference page for the article cited.

In your recap, considering addressing these questions: (a) what was interesting about this article, (b) why you chose it for this assignment, and (c) how it potentially relates to this course.

The goal here is not to write a lengthy paper, but to exercise the various critical components of a scholarly research effort with special consideration to proper writing style and structure for academic purposes. Post your paper to the appropriate drop-box.

Scoring: Your score will be based on a combination of content & analysis, grammar, and APA accuracy

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