Source Analysis

Source Analysis (SA) Posts: 300 points (30% of course grade)Each of you will belong to a small reflection group that is listed on Canvas. At three set times during the quarter (see schedule), you will post analyses to your group’s Canvas discussion board and reply to each other’s posts. The general topics that you analyze will align with the three units of the course, and you will be free to choose the source that you analyze from a list on Canvas. •I propose the following structure to your posts:oSince you have to assume that your audience has not read your chosen source, your analysis should begin with a synopsis of it. oThen, I expect you to use texts, ideas, and concepts from our course to make sense of, or engage in debate with, your source. This is the main body of your analysis. It should be substantialfinally y, you should pose any questions that arose for you in the process of analyzing the source.These can be entry points of discussion for your groupmates.•The posts should be the equivalent length of at least two double-spaced pages.•The grading criteria for SAs are: correctness of statements;conveying a grasp of the source;adequate depth of engagement; clarity, detail, and cohesiveness of prose.•Each post will be worth 100 points.•I expect you to reply substantially at least once to every memberof your group. •Late posts or failure to post replies will result in point deductions. I also attach a sample of how is the paper should be like and the first SA that the writer made before

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