Special Cases in coaching

In this fourth module, you will be working with your coachee to close the coaching session and determine the next phase of your relationship.  Will you terminate the relationship or move on to a new coaching experience?  A part of this process is soliciting feedback from your coachee as to how successful the coaching sessions were.

  • What did the coachee learn?
  • How will the coachee deal with people and situations differently?
  • What priorities have been set and what still needs to be accomplished?

One outcome of this session is to come to a mutual decision of whether to terminate the coaching relationship or continue to work together on a new coaching issue.  Drawing on the background reading for this and the previous modules, you will plan and carry out a coaching session that involves stage W of the GROW model.

There is a comprehensive explanation of the GROW model on the background page for Module 2. Here is a link to a shorter synopsis for review:

The GROW model:  A simple process for coaching and mentoring.  (2014)  Retrieved from www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_89.htm



Read about conducting wrap-up sessions at the following site:

One powerful way to wrap up a coaching session. (2011, September 13). The Coaching Tools Company. Retrieved from https://www.thecoachingtoolscompany.com/one-powerful-way-to-wrap-up-a-coaching-session%E2%80%A6/

Click on this copy of the Coachee Feedback Assessment Form.   You can use this form in one of two ways:

  • You may have your coachee fill this out as a “homework” assignment prior to your meeting, or
  • You can use the assessment form to structure your feedback session by typing your coachee’s answers as you hold your wrap-up session.  In this last case, it is a good idea to email the finished completed form to the coachee so he can have a reminder of what was accomplished.
  • Either way, be sure to include the feedback form as an attachment to your paper.

Conduct your final coaching session as described above and write it up as detailed in the keys to the assignment and the assignment expectations.


Keys to the Assignment


  1. After reading the background materials for this module and doing additional research if needed, prepare your pre-coaching plan for a final 45- to 50-minute session:
  2. Conduct your coaching session (45 to 50 minutes).
  3. Write up your post-coaching reflection.

Assignment Expectations

  • Include a cover page and reference page in addition to the 4 – 5 pages of analysis described above.
  • Your paper should have an introduction and a conclusion.
  • Use headings to indicate major sections of the report.
  • Include your coachee’s assessment of the sessions as an appendix.
  • Cite and reference any outside sources.
  • Use APA formatting.
  • Proofread and edit your papers carefully. The expectation is zero errors.

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