Statics and Mechanics of Materials 1 CIVE-2000:Design a truss bridge

Statics and Mechanics of Materials 1 CIVE-2000

Goal: Design a truss bridge that meets the following requirements

Requirements for Design:

  • Span is 40 feet
  • Height no more than 12 feet
  • Design a 2D truss only
  • Ignore dynamics and the moving of loads.
  • Load is H-20 Truck according to AASHTO. All of the point loads have to be applied to the truss. Use the worst case scenario for design
  • Use as a guide: Internal truss forces should be between 5 to 30 kips (around 20 for chords and 10 for diagonals/braces)

Requirements for Submission:

  • Cad drawing(s) of the truss and truss members
  • Calculation sheet(s)
  • Explanation of your design and why you chose the design that you did as opposed to other options. What material would you prefer and why? The explanation should be no more than 2 pages in length, double-spaced, 12 font.
  • Due no later than December 5th, 2017

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