Step by step Interventions for the Management of Carpal Tunnel Before Resorting To Surgical Interventions

Course NR-511 SNAPPS self-directed learning topic (NP Program)


Informative essay on interventions in the management of Carpal tunnel. 


Write 5-7 paragraphs 


This course will emphasize formulating differential diagnoses and clinical treatment plans based on data published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. While textbooks and course lessons can help give you a framework for organizing your thoughts specific information should come from scholarly sources. 

To begin thinking like a provider, you will need to establish a general knowledge base and then interpret and apply newly available information to specific clinical scenarios.  To accomplish this, aim for the following criteria:


You Must have 3 References


Scholarly references are:


  • Peer-reviewed
  • Preferably a Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG)
  • Intended for providers (MDs, NPs)
  • No more than 5 years old (unless it is a clinical practice guideline’s most recent update)
  • US. based journal
  • Intended for the primary care population
  • Directly related to the case or situation that you are writing about (Ex: references for treatment of strep pharyngitis in cancer patients should not be used as rationale for treatment decisions if your patient does not have cancer)
  • Must be studies based on human research
  • is a great website to search for clinical practice guidelines.
  • No nursing articles


Do not use references from: Summary Websites.By this I mean disease-specific websites and provider resources such as Medscape, MayoClinic, Up-to-Date, Pearlstat, CDC, etc.


Do not use references from Nursing and Allied Health Journals.


Do not use references from Databases. Databases to search EBM references exist such as Dynamed, EBSCOHOST, CINAHL, Cochrane Library, Medline, etc. While it is appropriate to use this as a starting point for your research, the original publication should be cited and referenced. 


Do not use references from Textbooks


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