Stereotypical Images of Aging

Many contemporary images of aging have reinforced negative stereotypes we hold of older adults. One negative stereotype that some hold is that older workers are no longer productive in the workplace; however, as we read in this week?s assigned textbook readings, that is generally not the case.

In an article titled, ?Mind Matters: Cognitive and Physical Effects of Aging Self-Stereotypes,? Levy (2003) wrote, ?When individuals reach old age, the aging stereotypes internalized in childhood, and then reinforced for decades, become self-stereotypes.?
Read the attached article and answer the following questions in your initial post.

1) What do you think Levy meant by this statement? Support your points with specific information from the article.

2) What do you envision your life will be like as an older adult?

3) What negative stereotype about something related to aging have you long held? Challenge it using information you have acquired in PSYC343 to support your answer.

4) What specific steps will you take to mitigate the consequences of the negative stereotype you identified?

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