Stock and Bond Discussion

For our Ch.14 Discussion, we have two topics to choose from ?

Topic #1

Recently Elon Musk the richest man int the world took to his twitter to ask his followers if he should sell some of his ownership in Tesla Stock. There are many theories as to why he did this. One theory is the potential increase in capital gains taxes is looming? Another theory is that there is a potential ” billionaires tax” being discussed on unrealized gains and that he wanted to lock in the gains now ? Some say that he had to sell shares to pay his income tax obligations ?  He also wants to end world Hunger ? There is also no such thing as bad publicity ? Review the articles below and comment and share your opinion on the matter.

Topic #2

Share what you think is better to invest in, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, etc and the reasons why you believe it would be a good investments?

You many choose either Topic #1 or Topic #2, if you would like you can share your opinion on both topics

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