strategic allies as two or more companies search for advantage

Write a 500 word (minimum) submission that responds to the questions posed below.
Strategic alliances mean partnering for advantage. In more than one case recently, competitors have become strategic allies as two or more companies search for advantage. Describe such an alliance in today’s business alliance. Include an assessment of what it means for all the partners.
Grading Criteria: Your submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
1. Content: Content is relevant to the course materials and specific subject matter discussed in this module. (40%)
2. Organization: Submission proceeds from an initial thesis, argument or proposition and logically develops and substantiates that throughout, arriving at a clear conclusion. (40%)
3. References: Research was accomplished and credible references in addition to the course textbook were used in support of this submission. Using only the course textbook or source document for the assignment as references will not result in a passing grade for the submission. (Wikipedia is not a credible reference work for graduate level submissions!) (10%)
4. Format: Format is in accordance with APA guidelines. As a minimum, Title Page, reference page and required in-text citations must be present for a passing grade on the submission.

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